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Empowering Kaua'i Businesses

Introducing Jumpstart, a new digital marketing program for local businesses on Kaua'i. In partnership with Kaua‘i County, this initiative offers free or low-cost services, bridging the online gap and creating job opportunities for residents.

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Program Overview

During this 5-month program, we will work alongside you to optimize your website, create engaging campaigns, and implement effective marketing tactics to increase traffic to your business. We are committed to delivering measurable results and helping you achieve your desired outcomes. Spots are limited and participating businesses will be onboarded starting October 2, 2023

Services Offered

Our FREE program provides comprehensive social media management, SEO optimization, search engine marketing, landing page optimization, and much more to help you reach your goals. Contact us today to learn more.

Business Requirements

The Jumpstart Program aims to support local enterprises and enhance their marketing capabilities while curating growth and success within the community. Eligible businesses must be Kaua‘i locally owned and operated. Please apply to the program to obtain a full list of business requirements.

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